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Part 2: Ne-Yo: I Wrote Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" for Myself But Realized it Sounded Misogynistic
Part 1: Ne-Yo on Being a Man But Writing Hit Songs for Women Like Beyonce & Rihanna


R&B singer Ne-Yo recently shared his thoughts on gender identity and the current sensitive state of the world in a revealing interview with Gloria Velez. Ne-Yo expressed that he personally comes from an era where there were only two genders and believes that a man should be a man and a woman should be a woman. He criticized the current trend of allowing young children to make life-changing decisions about their gender and expressed concern about the new law in California that allows the state to remove children from their parents if they object to their child's desire to transition. Ne-Yo argued that children are impressionable and easily manipulated, and that parents should question their child's understanding of gender before making any decisions. He also expressed his frustration with the current culture of offense, where it seems that everyone is easily offended by comedians and their jokes.