Ice Cube recently has been doing a large amount of press for the Big3 league, and previously noted he was planning on revealing gatekeepers who wouldn’t allow his league to excel. While speaking to Tucker Carlson on his new Twitter show, Cube revealed that Oprah wouldn’t allow him on her show and noted that ‘The View’ wasn’t rocking with him either. 

While speaking about ‘The View,’ Cube said: “I tried to go on The View. They didn’t have me on ‘The View.’ A few of the hosts just really didn’t like where I was coming from. That’s what I was told by the producers.”

Cube continued, “I don’t know if it was the producers was just copping out and using some of the hosts to have me not explain myself. I’ve been on there before. It’s just when I’ve become an independent thinker. I don’t follow their brand of politics, I guess.”

The N.W.A. rapper and Big3 League owner then spoke about Oprah, noting he doesn’t know why he wasn’t allowed on her show. “I’ve been excluded on Oprah. I don’t know what it is. You know, I had a movie called Barbershop that I wasn’t invited to participate with the cast. I produced a show called Black White. It was a very controversial show, and once again, she had the whole cast on and I wasn’t invited. So I don’t know what that’s really about. I really don’t know. That’s something that I would love to find out,” said Cube. Watch above.

source: Twitter