Previously, Adam22 went viral after his wife, Lena The Plug, did her first scene with a male adult star outside of him. The commentary around the scene found many trolling the No Jumper host, with his wife coming to his defense. Now, Adam22 has taken to social media to call out Jason—the adult star who filmed with his wife, over comments he made during a recent interview. 

Adam reacted to a headline featuring a quote from Jason Luv: “Jason Luv Says He F****d Adam22’s Wife Better Than He Does.” The No Jumper host said he trusted Jason Luv to do his job in the scene but said it seems like the clout got to his head, and he wasn’t feeling how spicy he was talking. 

From there, Adam22 threw shots at Jason Luv before threatening to expose the adult film star. Along with that, Adam said he could make things get really hectic for Jason in Los Angeles before officially prohibiting Luv from sleeping with his wife again. Take a look above. 

source: No Jumper