According to reports, the Scottish man whose mother-in-law’s blue and black dress that sparked debate online as to if it was actually gold was recently arrested. 

38-year-old Keir Johnston was arrested and accused of trying to murder his wife, Grace Johnston. The man allegedly abused his wife over the course of 11 years, with the man allegedly trying to kill Grace in March 2022. Johnston was taken to the High Court in Glasgow and issued the charges

Keir denied all the abuse allegations against him, as he was accused of repeatedly assaulting his wife before grabbing a knife and trying to strangle her while at their house. The other alleged incidents that took place happened from April 2019 to March 2022, with claims that Keir threw his wife against the wall at one point, along with hitting her through an open car window. 

Currently, Keir Johnston is supposed to get a preliminary hearing ahead of a trial in 2024 in his attempted murder case.

source: NY Post