According to reports, Lamar Odom is suing his former manager after she allegedly forged documents to steal his home. 

Per PageSix, "Odom alleges that Bybee — whom he claims he fired in May 2022 — concocted a scheme and improperly sold off a house he owns in Brooklyn, N.Y., to a third party by forging a deed." The house in question is reportedly a home that's been in the family for over thirty years. He is also claiming that his aunt Carol Janean Mercer has been living there since the August 2022 passing of his uncle Michael Mercer.

As a result of Bybee's “fraudulent transfer,” Odom claims is aunt is now facing eviction. He is accusing her of “identity theft,” “conversion,” “embezzlement,” “misappropriation” and “various other iterations of fraud.” What's more, Odom claims she “acted with malice, wanton dishonesty and a high degree of immoral turpitude.”

Odom is also alleging that Bybee used his personal information “to defraud people and businesses by accepting speaking and appearance engagements” while also adding the public notary to the lawsuit  because they “attested” to his “presence and signature, despite the fact that [he] never appeared before [the public notary] either in person or remotely to execute the forged deed.”