Blueface has been documenting his issues with women over the course of the last few years during his rise in the music world, with his on-and-off girlfriend Chrisean Rock being at the center of the drama. Previously, the pair were spotted at an office where Rock was seen taking a lie detector test while the rapper recorded the session. Since then, the two have seemingly split. 

Recently, Blueface was spotted at a club with a woman who attempted to get in the rapper’s ear. Blueface recorded the exchange as the woman begged to be with the rapper, asking him to take her down her phone number. From there, the woman begged the rapper, saying she would give him oral sex.

Blueface then asked her why before saying, “You’d fight a b***h for that d**k, though?” From there, he said wow and made his way off, saying he’s not interested and only into securing the bag. Watch above.