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In this full-length interview, up-and-coming rapper, Scar Lip, talks about the trials and tribulations she faced while growing up in New York City. She explains that her biological father, a man originally from Nigeria, only married her mother for a green card. She also reveals that she likely has around 12 half-siblings somewhere in Africa via her father. As the interview progresses, Scar Lip details the tragic death of her mother, who was fatally injured in a car incident. From there, she talks about having to move in with her Aunt at the age of twelve, following her mother's death and the sexual abuse that ensued at the hands of her Aunt and her boyfriend.

Moving along, the 22-year-old gives the origin story behind her stage name and two of her early releases, "Therapy" and "Suicide Awareness." She also clarifies the meaning behind "Glizzy Gobblers." Toward the end of the interview, Scar Lip talks about Shaquille O'Neal's role in the fanfare she's gained recently. In response, DJ Vlad informs her that Shaq is the one who brought her music to his attention.

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