Update 05/25/2023 4:16pm:

Shannon Sharpe slammed Kwame Brown for his criticism of LeBron James after the Lakers were eliminated from the NBA playoffs, and Brown has since responded with a scathing message to Sharpe. 

Brown started off telling Shannon, "You a guest in the house of this basketball talk. Didn't you know that? And now since you don't want to act like a guest in this sh*t, And you want to invalidate me, you football playing dummy. N****, ain’t no first downs in basketball. Clown. How you gonna try to invalidate a man who is the number one draft pick." 

Brown then added, "You a guest in this house of basketball, n****. Ain’t no first downs in motherf***ing basketball. You big, tall, thick tongue punk motherf***er. You a thick tongue idiot. Did you not know that? Ain’t no first downs in basketball, boy. So I don’t know what make you think that your opinion on basketball is more than mine?" 

Things didn't end there, as Brown addressed Shannon defending LeBron and calling him a "fan boy" for the Lakers superstar. Kwame told Shannon, "You a fan boy for LeBron. You emo. You called me emotional and you was finna fight a whole goddamn Memphis Grizzlies team because of with lover affair with LeBron, you the reason why Ja Morant probably carrying guns right now. Ja Morant was like ‘oh sh*t’ because a big ass n**** in a sweater, a grandmama sweater trying to fight his daddy and the whole damn team."

Original 05/25/2023 12:14pm:

Kwame Brown recently went viral for his comments about LeBron James and the Lakers being eliminated from the NBA playoffs after losing to the Denver Nuggets in Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Brown addressed LeBron, stating, "You can’t say that you’re great. You gotta do great things. That’s where greatness lies." 

Shannon Sharpe addressed Brown while speaking to his "Undisputed" co-host Skip Bayless, and he didn't mince words when he explained why Brown, a former number one draft pick, is one of the biggest "busts" in the history of the league. Sharpe stated, "Really, Kwame? Out of all the people, he should never, ever question anybody's greatness. Because, this is what we know- if there's a Mt. Rushmore for busts in the NBA history, whether he's the first head, the second head, the third, or the fourth, he's on Mt. Rushmore of bust NBA players. There's no question!" 

Sharpe went on to call LeBron "top five of the greatest players to ever play," and he told Kwame to look up the numbers between Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron when it comes to game-winning shots. Shannon continued to take shots at Kwame, telling him, "Hell, you have plenty of time. You're down there on your farm in Georgia. You got plenty of time, you're not playing no hoops! You should still be in the NBA." 

Shannon closed out his statements by saying that Kwame got what he wanted and went viral for talking about LeBron, who Sharpe pointed out has never said anything about LeBron, unlike Gilbert Arenas or Stephen Jackson. He then told Kwame, "You a joke, really. Real talk, you a joke."