In light of Lil Durk’s interview with DJ Akademiks’ “Off the Record” podcast going viral, we take a look back at Durk’s 2018 interview with VladTV. At the start of the interview, Vlad pointed out how Durk was one of the artists who developed their sound around autotune, which led to Vlad speaking about Durk singing more than rapping. When Vlad brought up Nate Dogg, Durk told Vlad that Nate Dogg is a “perfect example” of someone who found their sound in hip-hop. Moving along, Vlad spoke about Chicago artists being independent, which led to Lil Durk explaining how the independent route isn’t right for everyone. Vlad then added that the labels give artists loans that they recoup off of album sales, which Durk called “the label finesse game.”