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Part 38: Tony Yayo: A Bullet Fell Out of G-Unit Plaque a Day Before My Parents House Shot Up
Part 36: Vlad Tells Tony Yayo: Benzino is Banned from VladTV after Threatening Female Employee
Part 1: Tony Yayo on People Mad at Vlad After BTB Savage Got Killed, Vlad Told Him to Move


In this clip, Vlad continued to speak to Tony Yayo about him not caring about old beefs with Benzino and Murder Inc, and Vlad pointed out that it’s because Tony has continued to do well for himself over the past 20 years. Tony then stated that Benzino’s blessing could come from his daughter, Coi Leray, and Vlad pointed out that they also beef with one another. He added that Benzino harboring beef against Eminem for 20 years makes no sense, and Tony went on to point out offensive remarks made by The Source. To hear more, including Tony Yayo addressing Melle Mel’s comments about Eminem, hit the above clip.