From 50 Cent to Jay-Z, rappers being called out by their alleged sons is becoming a hip-hop paradigm that now includes Ghostface Killah. Yesterday, a man nicknamed Infinite, who's an aspiring recording artist claiming to be Ghostface Killah's son, took to Instagram and addressed the iconic NYC rapper with an emotional letter that accused him of abandoning his children during various points of their lives when they experienced poverty and one endured mental illness. 

"The legend that you all love, Ghostface Killah, is the full definition of a deadbeat," Infinite wrote. "Dad, you let us live without light, gas, or even communication from you for years. You have all this coin and yet allow my uncles to clean up your mess. I have lived in a shelter for almost a year in 2020 during Covid and you haven't reached out once to help me or to see if I was even alive! Your daughter is mentally ill and you haven't even come to make sure she's ok or even give her help. YOU do not give a damn about your children and it's time to lay this sh*t on the table. Growing up, your cold shoulder made me scared ofnot only myself but of the world! I was never comfortable around you or my brothers when I was a kid but at least my brothers grew to accept me my entire life and I couldn't even fully chase my dreams because I was so afraid of who I was and I just kept trying to make everyone happy and be someone I wasn't, even though it was obvious I was pretending."

Infinite continued: "I can't even say you're only a deadbeat to me because I'm gay, because you're a deadbeat to all of your kids. Some more than others, but what I've been seeing is the answer as to why? Is it because your father turned your back on you? WHYYY do you LOVE everyone but your kids? It's backwards, it's ugly, it's hurtful and it's HUMILIATING..."

The emotional letter concluded with a final plea for reconciliation: "Daddy, we need you. Not your money, but your heart, your attention, your love. I hope you change your ways and realize that you have some beautiful and talented children out here, with deep voids in their [hearts] because YOU HAVE BEEN MISSING. You've ghosted us for too long."

With a net worth of around $20 million, Ghostface Killah had his first son with RZA's sister, Sophia Diggs, decades ago. His name is Dennis Ames, also known as Sun God. The legendary lyricist from the Wu-Tang Clan has yet to respond, publically, to Infinite's lengthy public address. 

In addition to his direct message to Ghostface Killah, Infinite also posted screenshots of an old family photo and an alleged exchange via text message. Scroll up and swipe right to take a look.

Source: Instagram