While in conversation with Speedy Morman, Moneybagg Yo wanted to set the record straight on some financial information floating out there in the public about him. 

For starters, Moneybagg Yo talked about the hefty price tag that exists to get him to perform which tops out at $200,000. Because he rakes in so much per show, Moneybagg Yo disputed the $4 million net worth that is reported about him.

"I think the net worth go off what you got in the system... I forgot." In fact, Moneybagg Yo said he's worth "way more."

"I'm still a hustler, I'm a street n***a at the end of the day so I understand business, too. So it's like, everybody ain't got the $200k, I ain't going no less $150k though we're gonna make it happen."

He also talked about making money in some unusual ways. "Some people look at me crazy for doing little weed posters and different stuff like that," he said. "It ain't even 'cause I need the money, I don't need the money. I understand the hustle. ... They finna pay me $50[k], $75,000 just for this story and feed post. Guess what? my kids needed this, they pay for that. I just paid my whole monthly expenses off two weed posters." If he didn't do any such deal, he said it would be like leaving "money on the floor." 

Source: Youtube.com