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Part 29: Boosie Reacts to Why Taxstone Was Found Guilty After Troy Ave Snitched on Him
Part 27: Boosie: My Son Tootie Can't Believe I Did 5 Years in Prison After Doing 2 Days in Jail
Part 1: Boosie on Talking to TI After Calling Him a Rat in Explosive VladTV Interview: I Apologized


In this clip, Vlad started off speaking to Boosie about Taxstone being found guilty in his trial and facing 25 years in prison, and Vlad admitted that the news hit him hard. Boosie then stated that he used to talk to Troy Ave, and he admitted that he was “f***ed up” after seeing that Troy took the stand. Boosie then told Vlad, “You don’t have to ask me what he is,” and Vlad spoke about Troy Ave sharing a photo of Jay-Z on the stand in his civil trial against D’usse. Boosie then stated that rappers like him and Troy Ave “get paid off talking that gangsta sh*t,” and he told rappers that they “need to take your f***ing lick!”