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Part 36: Lance "Un" Rivera: Cam'ron Signing to Roc-a-Fella was a Plot to Screw Me & Biggie
Part 34: Lance "Un" Rivera on Jay-Z Charged for Stabbing, Rumor it was Over Charli Baltimore
Part 1: Biggie's Business Partner Lance "Un" Rivera on Getting Arrested at 9 for Robbery & Assault


In this clip, Vlad spoke to Lance "Un" Rivera about Jay-Z facing 15 years for the stabbing incident, and Rivera explained that he was following the lead of Steve Stoute, who Lance said “wanted to be the hero.” Lance stated that Stoute’s plan was to get rid of Dame Dash, and he reacted to Cam’ron saying that Jay stabbed Lance over Charli Baltimore. Vlad then asked Lance about Jay-Z’s “Guilty Until Proven Innocent,” where he spoke about the incident. When asked if he ever filed a lawsuit against Def Jam, Lance explained that he didn’t because it was all planned out. Moving along, Vlad asked Lance about seeing Jay-Z again at Heavy D’s funeral, and Lance explained that Jay shook his hand, adding that it wasn’t awkward because they have no issues.