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Part 36: Vlad Tells Tony Yayo: Benzino is Banned from VladTV after Threatening Female Employee
Part 34: Tony Yayo on Prodigy Saying He Visited 50 Cent in Hospital After He Got Shot
Part 1: Tony Yayo on People Mad at Vlad After BTB Savage Got Killed, Vlad Told Him to Move


In this clip, Tony Yayo continued to speak about 50 Cent’s friendship with E-Money Bags, and he went on to respond to a VladV viewer asking which G-Unit diss track is his favorite. Tony then revealed that “I Smell P***y” is his favorite song because it was a club record that was also a diss at Murder Inc. Tony stated that G-Unit "ended" Murder Inc. with the diss, which you can hear more about above.