In the eyes of many pundits and fans throughout the WWE Universe, Ric Flair is considered the greatest professional wrestler ever graced the squared circle. With a flashy persona and flamboyant moniker, "The Nature Boy," became a 16-Time Heavyweight Champion during his illustrious stints in the WCW and WWE. Although Flair was primarily used as a "heel" during his iconic on-camera feeds with wrestlers such as Sting and Dusty Rhodes, his charismatic promos made him a fan favorite. Flair's Hall of Fame career with the WWE concluded with a loss against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIV, about fifteen years ago, but his signature slogan remains a pervasive fixture at live wrestling events even in his absence. That's because whenever a wrestler is struck in the chest with a signature "Flair Chop," the fans yell "Wooo!"

Chris Van Vliet, a famous YouTuber from Canada and known fan of professional wrestling, recently posted footage of himself taking 20 "Flair Chops" to the chest while visiting a training facility called Flatbacks Wrestling School for his show. With a WCW Nitro banner looming in the background, the video depicts Chris jokingly talking about being the recipient of the famous strikes before several students lined up to oblige him. Suddenly, a happy-go-lucky stunt involving "fake wrestling" became real as Chris shrieked in pain with every "Flair Chop." Ultimately, he was struck 20 times in his bare chest, leaving his skin tattered and bruised. 

In the past, some of Ric Flair's most infamous former nemeses, such as Sting and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, went on record to detail the pain of a "Ric Flair" chop. A move that would often leave their chests covered in welts.

During Flair's career, withstanding these chops was considered a badge of honor. Scroll up to hear if Chris Van Vliet feels the same way after being chopped 20 times in the chest.

Source: Instagram