Update 05/21/2023 3:10pm:

Previously, it was reported that Chris Brown was questioned by police in the U.K. after an alleged brawl at a club that put a man in the hospital. The incident happened at the Tape nightclub in London, England after Brown performed at the O2 arena. Once Brown arrived at the club, the singer's entourage and people within the club got into a brawl, with one person allegedly being hit in the head with a bottle. Since then, a new report surfaced noting Brown could be facing arrest for the alleged incident.

Brown was supposed to meet with law enforcement at the end of March 2023 for a “voluntary interview,” but didn’t show. The singer ended up returning to the United States without seeing the police. 

Because of his inaction, Brown could be facing arrest if he returns to the U.K., according to The Sun. “Chris knows he will be arrested if he goes back to the UK but is still doing everything he can to avoid it. But he is also concerned he could potentially be picked up in any country with an extradition treaty with Great Britain,” said the publication. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: The Sun

Original 03/06/2023 12:45pm:

According to reports, police in the U.K. questioned Chris Brown after an alleged brawl that went down at a club, resulting in a man being put in the hospital. 

Brown and his entourage went to the Tape nightclub in London, England, following a performance he had at the O2 arena. Following Brown’s arrival, a brawl erupted between Brown’s entourage and people within the club. One person was allegedly hit in the head with a bottle and assaulted once more for trying the run out of the club. The man was taken to the hospital immediately and reportedly had non-life-threatening injuries upon being released.

Currently, detectives investigating the situation are looking at CCTV footage and speaking to witnesses. Stay tuned for more updates. 

source: Radar Online