Recently, Lizzo took to Instagram to address a new workout routine and plan she’s been going hard at. The artist reposted a video of a woman on TikTok speaking about her dive into fitness, saying she was searching for other people who aren’t looking to “escape fatness.” From there, Lizzo reacted to the video. 

Lizzo went on to say, “Heavy on the not trying to escape fatness.” She then said, “I just wanted to stitch this [video] to show support to you because this creator, specifically, said, ‘I’m looking for people that I can resonate with.’ [I’m the] very, very same.’” 

The artist pointed out the physical aspects of her life as a performer, saying it features “high performance” moves that require “a lot of physical endurance.” She continued saying, “As I got more professional in my career, I started to take the physical part more seriously. I’ve always loved moving my body, I’ve always loved working out… I think a lot of people see a fat person that way and immediately just assume everything they are doing is trying to be thin. I’m not trying to be thin, I don’t ever want to be thin.” Watch above. 

source: AllHipHop