Ice Spice has taken over the rap world after her hit single "Munch (Feelin' U)," but Soulja Boy revealed to Bootleg Kev that he was talking to the Bronx-born rapper before she blew up.

Soulja made the revelation after Kev asked him who he's a fan of right now, and Soulja stated, "I like Ice Spice, I ain’t gonna cap...She new, she popping, I like what she doing. On gang, I found out about her before she got popping off."

He added that he is proud of watching her take off, stating, "I was talking to her and her sh*t just took off. I like seeing sh*t like that, like a muthaf**ka just be under the radar and then just take off. I like seeing sh*t like that."

Soulja also seemed sure of a collaboration between them. When Bootleg Kev asked Soulja if he was planning to link up with Ice Spice to record music, he responded, "Hell yeah! We already talked. I be talking to her. Shout out to Ice Spice, she cool. I like what she doing, for sure."