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Part 21: Boosie Reacts to All the Mistakes Tory Lanez Made During His Trial
Part 19: Boosie on Tory Lanez: Having Money Doesn't Mean You Won't Go to Prison
Part 1: Boosie on Talking to TI After Calling Him a Rat in Explosive VladTV Interview: I Apologized


In this clip, Boosie and Vlad discussed the similarities in how State Supreme Court judges are going to look at Tory Lanez’s appeal just as Bill Cosby’s appeal was taken under consideration. They also talked about the importance of plea deals and how they maintain the functionality of the court. Boosie weighed in on Tory Lanez's decision to take his case, involving Megan Thee Stallion, to court back in December after DJ Vlad referred to a quote from Tony Yayo about the dangers of a defendant trying to contest the eye-witness account of a person who they shot. When DJ Vlad speculated that Tory fought the case because he was fearful of going to prison for the first time, Boosie responded by detailing the type of plea deal that the Canadian-born singer/rapper should have accepted. Lastly, the two men stated what they would have done in Tory's position.