According to studies, K-12 schools in America are less safe than ever. Mass shootings rates are rising, and so are teacher-student sexual relationships. There also appears to be an uptick in physical altercations between students and their teachers within the confines of a classroom. A fight between a student and a substitute teacher at Rocky Mount High School is under investigation. The on-camera fight escalated quickly when the teacher, Xaviera Steele, and the student exchanged punches and opened-handed slaps. The incident reportedly stemmed from a dispute over the student's usage of a cell phone while class was in session. 

In the end, Xaviera Steele got the best of the student with a ground-and-pound technique. Now, it's up to the school district and law enforcement to determine if North Carolina's Public School Policy (which states: if an employee is attacked by a student, the employee has the right to reasonably restrain the student and defend themselves to the point that they are free of the threat or attack) has been violated and if so, what will be the punishment.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported. Scroll up to watch.

Source: Twitter