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Part 20: Beanie Sigel on Why He Didn't Choose Sides During Roc-a-Fella Break Up
Part 18: Beanie Sigel on His Attempted Murder Case Going to Trial, Ending in Hung Jury
Part 1: Beanie Sigel on Going from Selling Drugs to Robbing Drug Dealers as a Kid in Philly


In this clip, Beanie Sigel spoke about being convicted on a federal weapons charge, which he pointed out was originally a state case that the feds picked up. After speaking about being on tour while his legal issues were ongoing, Beanie detailed speaking to a guy that looked like Vlad during one of his hearings. Beanie said he knew something was “off” when the guy asked for a Newport, and later, that same guy arrested him and it was revealed that he was a U.S. Marshal.