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In this full-length interview, Freeway Rick Ross speaks with Cavario about how being a free man for 14 years is a “blessing.” Freeway Ricky explained that the time had gone by fast, and he went on to share a story about a recent health scare due to high blood pressure. He added that he drove himself to the hospital, much to his doctor’s amazement, and Freeway Ricky stated that he was given blood pressure pills. This led to a discussion between Cavario and Freeway Ricky about prioritizing your health.

As the interview moves along, Cavario briefs Freeway Ricky on the three young men involved in the XXXTentacion murder trial, including the defense attorneys' attempt to subpoena Drake. The former drug lord responds by explaining the types of punishment the defendants could face before indicating why they could potentially face the death penalty. Moving along, Freeway Ricky weighs in on Troy Ave, testifying on the stand against his co-defendant in a murder trial before analyzing the definition of "snitching." This leads to a discussion about the violent nature of hip-hop culture and how it all started.

Elsewhere in the Q&A session, Freeway Ricky explains why he is starting his own record label and the type of rappers that he wants on his roster. He also refers back to a memorable moment during his trial when his ex-drug supplier, Danilo Blandón, testified against him.

Lastly, he talks about his dispute with the executive producers of "Snowfall" and the fact that he still hasn't gotten paid for the way in which they have used his life story in the premise. He also reveals that he had a chance to meet with the lead actor of the show, Damson Idris.

Interview by: Cavario