During the most recent episode of The Pat Bev Podcast with Rone, Pat Bev and Rone discussed Larsa Pippen revealing that she had sex four time a night for years when she was with Scottie.

This prompted Pat Bev to open up about his personal sex life (around the 1:09:50 mark) and why he actually avoids it before a game. 

“So I don’t have sex the night before games,” he said. “I wanna have fresh [legs]. Wifey gonna kill me, though. But it be hard, though, because you got game every other day and shit. So when I was in L.A., like… I don’t wanna get too deep on it, but, hey wifey.”

Pat Bev's rationale isn't too far fetched as plenty boxers and other combat athletes have suggested abstaining from sex before a big match to ensure they're fresh for competition.