Over 30 gangbangers were arrested in Queens in connection to an ongoing feud between rival sets that led to the fatal shooting of an innocent teen basketball player over mistaken identity. 

Queens prosecutors announced on Tuesday a massive 151-count indictment against 33 rival gangbangers that left nearly a half-dozen people wounded in the yearslong beef between the Money World crew and two other rival gangs - Local Trap Stars and Never Forget Loyalty. 

Among those who succumbed to the gangs' ongoing war was  high school freshman Aamir Griffin, whose promising basketball dreams were cut short after he was shot dead in 2019 on a South Jamaica basketball court. 

“The streets of South Jamaica, Queens, are a much safer place as a result of the events leading up to this takedown,” said NYPD Deputy Inspector Jerry O’Sullivan. “Amir wasn’t playing basketball by himself,” he said. “We’ve had two cops assigned to that basketball court also. And for gang members to feel comfortable enough to bring a gun to the vicinity of a basketball court where cops are, and to shoot and hit an innocent person — that is completely unacceptable.”

Source: Nypost.com