LeBron James has been catching strays as of late beginning with his former Miami Heat teammate Mario Chalmers explaining why players never "feared" him in the same way players from past eras feared Michael Jordan. Now, LeBron caught a bit of shade from another of his contemporaries in All-Star guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander who admitted not to never liking Bron's game. 

“I never liked [LeBron’s] game,” Gilgeous-Alexander said when asked whether James influenced his game. “To me, when I was younger, he was just super athletic, I wasn’t that. He was 6’8”, and super strong and I wasn’t that either.”

It's important to note that Shai considers Kobe to the GOAT with LeBron coming in at No. 2 and Jordan at No. 3. “Kobe is Michael Jordan just on steroids,” SGA passionately argued last November. “Kobe has five rings…I’m saying all-around, Kobe Bryant. … Competitive nature, championships, there’s a lot of stuff that goes into it.”

“Kobe one. Bron two. Mike three,”  Shai continued. “They’re all amazing. They’re all the best ever.”

Source: Clutchpoints.com