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Part 18: Beanie Sigel on His Attempted Murder Case Going to Trial, Ending in Hung Jury
Part 16: Beanie Sigel on Cam'ron & Jay-Z Tension, Rumor He Broke CD with Cam Verse
Part 1: Beanie Sigel on Going from Selling Drugs to Robbing Drug Dealers as a Kid in Philly


In this clip, Vlad started off asking Beanie Sigel about being arrested for allegedly punching a man, and Beanie went on to address later being charged with other counts, including attempted murder. Beanie explained that he wasn’t stressing over the charges, and he added that he was deeply rooted in that lifestyle at the time and he knew what came with the territory. When Vlad pointed out that he was a superstar rapper, Beanie admitted that it “didn’t register with me.”