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In this clip, Vlad asked Deon Cole for his thoughts on Alec Baldwin being charged with involuntary manslaughter for a deadly incident on the “Rust” set. Vlad revealed that he’s been around gun experts on set, but he asked Deon about his experience with guns on set, and Deon stated that there needs to be a strict process on set. Deon revealed that anytime he’s been on set, he’s been shown that there’s no bullet in the clip or barrel. Deon explained that he would be shocked if Baldwin went to jail, and Vlad pointed out that Baldwin was a producer of the movie. From there, Vlad spoke about interviewing Jordan Belfort the real “Wolf of Wall Street,” which was funded with money stolen from the Malaysian government. Moving along, Deon Cole about his upcoming projects, including “Average Joe,” and he added that he’s working on new stand-up material for touring. From there, Deon added that he’s working on a remake of “The Color Purple,” which he’ll costar with Fantasia, Taraji P. Henson, Halle Bailey, Louis Gossett Jr., David Alan Grier, and Ciara. Deon added that Steven Spielberg and Oprah are involved in the remake, which you can hear more about above.