Babyface Ray has made it a point to speak about getting to money and hustling to set yourself up properly. The rapper has always been for people having regular jobs, but called out others on social media for making people with regular jobs feel “lame.” 

While speaking to the ‘The Hip Hop Lab,’ the rapper said: “The world so crazy due to social media and what be going on, I just feel like a lot of people is out of character and I’m pretty sure you understand that, bro. I’m talking about as far as n****s basing they lives on social media. They feel like they ain’t got something to post on social media. They feel like they ain’t got nothing going on in life for real. That s**t weak!”

Ray then said “N****s who got jobs feel less of a man because n****s is flaunting certain type of s**t on the internet. And it’s like bro, you got annually and regularly money coming in.” before calling out other people who flaunt their materials for capping. “Some of these n***as is cappin, bro! Some of these n***as got $800 left to they whole entire existence and you making that weekly!” said the rapper. Watch above. 

source: HotNewHipHop