In 2021, 50 Cent was hit with a lawsuit from a man named Cory “Ghost” Holland Sr, who says the rapper, along with showrunner Courtney Kemp based the hit show ‘Power’ on his life story. Now, it has been reported that 50 Cent is facing mediation in the lawsuit. 

Ahead of the mediation, 50 Cent’s legal team has been saying the statute of limitations in New York, which is one year, makes Holland’s lawsuit against the showrunner frail. Holland, who is reportedly representing himself, says he mailed a copy of his CD called ‘Blasphemy’ to Courtney Kemp’s father in 2007, with one of the songs laying out his time as a drug dealer-turned-drug lord according to court documents. 

Another detail that surfaced in court documents in February finds Holland claiming that 50 Cent came to his house twice in 2021 to try and confront him, saying the rapper was trying to spark a fight between them.

According to AllHipHop, the mediation is supposed to begin on May 9, 2023. Stay tuned for more updates. 

source: AllHipHop