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Part 26: 600 Breezy & Vlad Discuss Theory that Record Labels Benefit from Dead Artists
Part 24: 600 Breezy Doesn't Blame Faizon Love for Telling Spectrum Worker He'd Shoot Him
Part 1: 600 Breezy on His Girlfriend Taking Her Own Life with a Gun: She was the Love of My Life


In this clip, Vlad started off asking 600 Breezy about getting back into music after the passing of his girlfriend, and he explained that he thinks he’d have an easier time making music if he was a singer. From there, 600 Breezy stated that he understands suicide more after his girlfriend’s death, but he added that he doesn’t condone it at all. 600 Breezy then detailed new projects he’s planning, including a Gangsta Grill mixtape, and he went on to speak about being signed to Empire. This led to 600 Breezy addressing conspiracies about Empire artists dying, and 600 Breezy explained that all of the artists are street artists. He also spoke about life insurance policies at Empire, and he explained that it’s to cover funeral costs and give back to the family.