The life of a convenience/liquor store employee is no easy task. At any given time, you're liable to be a victim of theft or a heist, and if you defend yourself using physical force, there's no guarantee you won't face jail time for your actions. In contrast, being a store customer is no walk in the park either. Over the years, several on-camera incidents in American convenience/liquor stores have included brawls, beatdowns, police chases, shootouts, and more. 

Recently, a man and a woman went viral for throwing haymakers in front of the register at a 7-Eleven. The footage begins with the two parties standing face to face before the woman slaps the man's glasses off his face.

"Are you out of your f*cking mind?!" Yelled the man, after he responded by striking his combatant back in the face.

"That's not yours b*tch!" Replied the woman as she boldly stood her ground and dealt another blow to the man's head.

The man reacted by setting his items on the countertop and hitting the woman with what appeared to be a small handbag.

"I can't believe you!" He said. "You're hittin' me!"

"Why are you hitting me?" She argued.

"Because you hit me first!" Responded the man.

"You hit me first!" Said the woman as the two went back and forth.

As the bizarre moment unfolded, a 7-Eleven worker nonchalantly made his way to the scuffle to de-escalate the situation. It appeared to work as the man involved in the fight began to walk away. But, the heat of the exchange still lingered in the mind of the woman involved as the reared back her arm and stuck the man as he attempted to leave. This prompted the man to turn around, and the fighting resumed.

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Source: Twitter