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In this clip, Vlad spoke about Stephanie Mills recently sitting down with VladTV correspondent Shawn Prez, and Stephanie said that you can’t compare Beyoncé and Diana Ross. This led to Deon and Vlad sharing their thoughts on the conversation, including Diana Ross covering various genres like Beyoncé has also done. Deon then stated that it’s like comparing Jordan and LeBron, and he explained that there will never be another Michael Jordan. He also pointed out how Michael Jordan “changed the economy” with his sneakers, which led to Vlad and Deon agreeing that no one will ever have an impact with sneakers like Jordan. Deon then questioned why there has never been a female athlete that has had a huge sneaker, and Vlad said the first person he thought of was Serena Williams. To hear more, including Vlad and Deon speaking about Kanye, Shaq, and Penny Hardaway having popular shoes, hit the above clip.