Slim Thug recently took to Instagram to speak about how he maintains wealth and delivered observations about what others around him have spent their money on. 

In a video he posted to IG, the rapper spoke about his choice of clothing and how that helps him keep his bread up. “Let me show you guys why I still got money, and a lot of rappers went broke.” Slim Thug showed off a $5.99 shirt before saying, “Let me see how much the shorts is. The shorts $12.99. Less than $20. I be in the club with this s**t on, and you don’t know ’cause I got on a million dollars worth of jewelry.”

Slim Thug continued with his observation, saying, “But y’all be buying that designer. Y’all be looking gay ’cause all the designers are gay, and I’m the only one standing out here. There be 10 of y’all standing around with the same Christian Dior shirt, 10 of y’all with the same Gucci shirt, and I be standing out with the plain T that cost me $5.”

The rapper took to the comments of his post to clarify his remarks about using the term “gay,” saying, “For the gay ppl who are wondering what I mean when I say look gay, I mean when a hood dude wearing a Gucci rainbow shirt and a man purse no offense to y’all tho.” Take a look above.