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Part 27: Boosie on His Cousin Stealing $7K: I'm Gong to Break His Jaw when I See Him
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Part 1: Boosie Goes Off: If TI Snitched on His Dead Cousin He's a Rat, Our Joint Album is Over


In this clip, DJ Vlad and Boosie discussed the actions of Big Scarr's family following his passing. Both talked about the family's claim that Gucci Mane didn't pay for the funeral, which was proven to be false, as well as Big Scarr's brother filming a music video at the funeral. Boosie pointed out that people often act out of character during times of grief. He also said people often assume CEOs make a lot of money off any artist they sign. To hear how many funerals Boosie has paid for, check out the rest of the clip above.