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Part 25: Vlad Shuts Down Tony Yayo's "LL Cool J vs DMX" Debate with Streaming Numbers
Part 23: Tony Yayo on 50 Cent Saying Eminem Made a Bigger Impact on Hip-Hop than Jay-Z
Part 1: Tony Yayo on Doing 22 City Canada Tour: Fentanyl, Cocaine & Heroin is Legal There


In this clip, Tony Yayo and DJ Vlad dive deeper into their 'Eminem vs. Jay-Z' debate. DJ Vlad argues that Eminem transcends hip-hop, whereas Jay-Z has endeared himself more to fans of authentic rap music more. Conversely, Tony Yayo argues that Eminem has to be considered among the greatest of all time because of his eye-popping accomplishments, such as diamond-selling albums. This prompts DJ Vlad to list off every rapper who has ever gone diamond, such as Lauryn Hill, 2pac, Biggie, Outkast, and Will Smith.