According to reports, scientists believe there are over 5 million undiscovered animals worldwide. But the allure of the Amazon Rainforest has caused many biologists to focus on that specific region for hundreds of years. Along the way, discovering lost cities, undisturbed indigenous tribes, and a rare assortment of animals. Back in 2017, researchers uncovered approximately 400 new species in the Amazon rainforest, during a two-year study. Two years later, some first images of the Serpens Catus began circulating in a post on Twitter.

“Serpens catus is the rarest species of feline on Earth. These Animals live in hard-to-reach regions of the Amazon rainforest, and therefore they are relatively poorly studied,” a Twitter user wrote.

This sparked a debate amongst the science zoologist community, journalists, and spectators about the validity of the images and the existence of the mysterious-looking feline with a fur pattern resembling a mangrove snake. Although the photo is nearly three years old, it recently went viral on social media as the topic of the "Amazon Snake Cat" remains highly contested to this very day.

Source: NY Post