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Part 23: Tony Yayo on 50 Cent Saying Eminem Made a Bigger Impact on Hip-Hop than Jay-Z
Part 21: DJ Vlad Explains to Tony Yayo How He Almost Got Sent to Rikers Island by Accident
Part 1: Tony Yayo on Doing 22 City Canada Tour: Fentanyl, Cocaine & Heroin is Legal There


In this clip, Tony Yayo looks back on 50 Cent's working relationship with Nas, including the Nastradamus Tour of 1999, before DJ Vlad reveals that the founder of G-Unit will be featured on the Queensbridge legend's upcoming "King Disease IV" album. This prompts Tony Yayo to reflect back on G-Unit's first tour with Nas before stating that Nas is one of his favorite rappers. He also shares what Nas was like on tour, explaining that instead of smoking weed on the tour bus, Nas would simply read books.