Patrick Beverley recently weighed in on the controversy surrounding Grizzlies star Ja Morant, who is suspended indefinitely after flashing a gun in a strip club while on Instagram Live. There was a string of other incidents leading up to Ja being suspended, and Patrick Beverley believes the young player is heavily influenced by music and culture. 

On his Barstool Sports podcast, Beverley stated, "I think music has a lot to do with this now,” Beverley said. “… The culture now is ‘shoot them up, bang, bang, shoot them up, bend you over, I got this amount of money, I’m on private jets, that that that.’ That’s what the younger generation is." 

He added, "Sadly to say it shouldn’t be based on our music, but it is mostly based on what we listen to and that’s how it is." Beverley went on to point out that Eminem influenced fashion when "8 Mile" was released to critical acclaim, and he believes that if Em were pushing violence and guns, kids would've followed.