Marlon Wayans recently was a guest host on "The Daily Show," where he sat down with his childhood friend Omar Epps. The "Love & Basketball" actor was on the show to promote his book, "Nubia: The Awakening," and he and Marlon also spoke about how they became friends. 

During the conversation, Marlon also spoke about Omar being in "Juice" with 2Pac, and Marlon went on to share a story about 2Pac pranking him on the set. Marlon started off mimicking Omar sleeping with his mouth open, and he added, "'Pac was a funny dude. [Omar] was sleeping like this and ‘Pac went and took his balls and put 'em out and put 'em right near Omar's mouth."

Omar was shocked that Marlon was telling the story to the world, and he went on to add, "I was mad at Pac for that, though. I was super mad. Like, ‘Yo, son, you really gonna do that?'" 

When Marlon suggested that Omar has anger issues, Omar responded, "“I don’t have anger issues, man. If somebody take their nuts out while you asleep like that, that would have went viral right now."