Whether you love or hate what Lori Lightfoot stood for as the Mayor of Chicago, her stint as the city's 56th mayor was a moment in time that made the 67-year-old internationally known for her out-of-the-box approach to fighting Chicago's ill-famed crime rates, quarrels with former U.S. President Donald Trump, and hilarious memes on social media. Some of the most impactful achievements of Lori Lightfoot's controversial tenure in office came when she raised the city's minimum wage to $15.40 and formed an initiative to invest in the city's Southside neighborhoods. Nevertheless, about four years after winning Chicago's runoff mayoral election, the city's first-ever Black female (and LGBTQ member) to hold such a prestigious position lost her bid to repeat, opting to concede because Chicagoans did not provide her with the votes required to qualify for a runoff election against Paul Vallas (Democratic Party) and Brandon Johnson (Democratic Party) this April.

"Obviously, we didn't win the election today, but I stand here with my head held high," Lightfoot said to her supporters during her concession speech. “I’ve called Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas to congratulate them on their victories in advancing. We were fierce competitors. ... But I will be reading and praying for our next mayor to deliver for the people for years to come.”

According to reports, crime rates sky-rocketed during Lori Lightfoot's mayoral occupancy. 2021 was the city's deadliest year on record in nearly three decades. The increase in homicides under Lori Lightfoot's watch is said to have been a decisive factor in the public's willingness to change course and not re-elect a mayor back into office since 1983.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times