Update 03/01/2023 2:30am:

The ongoing saga between FTN Bae and Doodie Lo may be winding down for the time being after it surfaced that FTN Bae was arrested and charged with one count of perjury on the heels of losing an $11 million lawsuit against her by Doodie Lo. 

In a somewhat lengthy IG post, Doodie Lo wrote:

This Was A Long Stressful Milestone In My Life Throughout The Trials And Tribulations I Stood Tall After All The Lies And Backlash ‼️Special S/O To @arielesq305 My Attorney Was Up Sleepless Nights Answering The Phone Anytime Of The Night I Love My Team STOP PLAYING WITH MY NAME FIRST IN HISTORY JUSTICE FIRST TIME BEING SERVE FROM A SCORN WOMAN WHO TRIEDTO RUIN ME CANCEL HER STAY BLESSED 💪💯✅ The 11 We Holding Up IS FOR 11 MILLION

Update 02/28/2022 12:44pm:

FTN Bae made headlines over the weekend after being arrested for allegedly stalking and harassing Doodie Lo, who she accused of sexually assaulting her 5-year-old son. Court documents show that FTN Bae was charged with aggravated stalking after an injunction for protection and aggravated stalking-dating violence.

On Sunday, a video surfaced of FTN Bae's friend picking her up from jail. FTN Bae appeared to be wearing a walking cast on her right foot in the video, but it's unclear how she got the injury. She also took to Instagram to address her arrest, and FTN Bae stated that she was arrested without probable cause. 

Doodie Lo’s lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, Esq., addressed the permanent restraining order and FTN Bae's claims that Doodie Lo's lie detector test isn't accurate. Mitchell wrote in a statement, "I am showing, from that lady’s own lie detector doctor (since everyone seems to be so 'concerned' about lie detector results) reinstating what we already know about her." Mitchell added, "Also included in the PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER the judge issued against her which she is in violation of as we speak! She has given you no facts supporting or corroborating evidence and yet you all still pay this misguided soul attention." 

Original 02/27/2022 5:23pm:

According to reports, the situation between Doodie Lo and his ex-girlfriend got uglier, as the latter was arrested this past Saturday.

Reports noted Britney Elder, whose Instagram handle is FTN Bae, was arrested on February 25 for stalking and harassing Doodie Lo, who she previously said sexually assaulted her 5-year-old child. Some of the charges include aggravated stalking-dating violence and aggravated stalking after injunction for protection. 

This comes after a letter surfaced addressed to lawyer Ariel E. Mitchell in relation to Doodie Lo, who addressed FTN Bae, saying Doodie Lo’s lie detector tests were not accurate. The letter said, "It is my understanding that Ms. Elder has alleged the results of Mr. Saulsberry’s assessment were the product of some bribe, either monetary or other material compensation, or that the procedure administered to him was different than that she experienced. None of these allegations are true, nor do they have any basis in reality.” Take a look above.

source: Shade Room