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In this full-length interview, renowned writer and filmmaker Luc Stephen talks about being born in his native country of Haiti in the late sixties before moving to Jamaica Queens (NYC) after a brief stint in Boston, Massachusetts. He also shares details about turning to a life of "sneak thieving" and drug dealing after being kicked out of his mother's home. As the Q&A session moves along, he talks about doing his first bid in prison, being released, and subsequently getting back into the drug game during the cocaine era. From there, he breaks down the intricacies of drug dealing, wholesale prices, and some of the key names in the game back then. Later in the interview, he talks about being a fugitive for eight years and getting apprehended by the feds for a bank robbery that he was not directly involved in.

As the interview nears a conclusion, Luc talks about getting out of prison for the last time in 2005 before revealing that his initial plan was to work as a personal trainer. From there, he talks about getting his big break into the TV/Film industry when he took part in the "Fat Cat" episode of 'American Gangster' on BET. The following season, he contributed to the show as a consultant. Lastly, he talks about creating his production company 'Second Chance Enterprises,' his evolution as a filmmaker, and the legacy that he wants to leave behind for his grandkids.

Interview by: Cavario