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Part 4: Crunchy Black Goes Off on Gangsta Boo's Brother, Half of Three 6 Mafia Dead
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Part 1: Crunchy Black Believes Cops in Tyre Nichols Case Played a Role in Young Dolph's Death


In this clip, Vlad started off speaking to Crunchy Black about his fellow Three 6 Mafia group mate Gangsta Boo passing away, and he revealed that he just worked on a song with Boo and La Chat recently. He explained that Gangsta Boo’s passing hurt the city of Memphis, and Crunchy added that her death was on the heels of the news of fellow Memphis rapper Big Scarr’s passing. Vlad then shared a story about the last time they hung out, and he pointed out that she was always a happy person. Crunchy Black explained that the guys in Three 6 Mafia treated Boo like a sister, and he went on to speak about Gangsta Boo dropping her solo album and “Where Dem Dollas At.” Vlad then pointed out that Kanye quoted Gangsta Boo on “When It All Falls Down,” which led Crunchy to speak about Kanye supporting Three 6 Mafia for years.