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Part 12: Bubba Sparxxx on Eminem Dissing Him & Paul Wall, Timbaland's Past Drug Addiction
Part 10: Bubba Sparxxx on Taking 15 Percocets Per Day, Declining $500K in Shows for Rehab
Part 1: Bubba Sparxxx on Growing Up on a Farm, Hip-Hop Unifying More People Than Religion


In this clip, Bubba Sparxxx talked about getting back in the studio after battling his addiction and why he considers hip hop his saving grace because without it Bubba said he would’ve been taken his life. Bubba later opened up about the struggles of adjusting to touring again after reaching a year of sobriety and why one time after being clean for an extended period was actually the most miserable time in his life.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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