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Part 2: Lou Simms on Naming Gang After Ice Cube's Crew, Earning "Homicide Lou" Nickname


In this clip, Lou Simms, former leader of the 142nd Street Lynch Mob in Harlem spoke about his upbringing in the predominantly African American section of Manhattan. He recalled his siblings getting in the streets by the 1970s and how that changed the dynamic of his household. Lou also discussed getting locked up in state prison when he was in the 10th grade for an attempted murder and armed robbery.

Later, Lou Simms went into detail about the armed robbery and attempted murder charges he was convicted on when he was a 16-year-old. Lou said that he struck a plea deal and spent 5 years in prison on a 4-12 year sentence. When he came home, Lou was released in 1988 right into the crack era which he said was an indescribable time.