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Part 6: Reginald Douglas Jr.: Alpo Wasn't Just a Rat, He Was a Liar, Killed Mentor Fray Over a Girl
Part 4: Reginald Douglas Jr. on Stealing Heroin from Family Member at 12, Selling it for $500
Part 1: Reginald Douglas Jr. on Being Born a Millionaire to Teen Harlem Figure "Cisco Kid"


In this clip, Cavario started off asking Reginald Douglas Jr. about a deadly incident in 1991 in D.C., which quoted police speaking about multiple violent incidents tied to Reggie. He went on to address the rumors that people in New York don’t like people from D.C., and Reggie explained that there is etiquette to entering other states. Reggie went on to speak about how his mentor showed him the right way to move in the city, and he also spoke about how his crew was solid.