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Part 3: Lena Jackson Tearfully Recalls 2nd Son's Dad Killed Like 1st, Becoming "Sick of Hustlers"
Part 1: Reginald Douglas Jr. on Being Born a Millionaire to Teen Harlem Figure "Cisco Kid"


Reginald Douglas Jr. and Lena L. Jackson spoke on Cisco and how he was growing up, noting he got the name from his father, who was Cuban. From there, Jackson spoke about how Cisco got involved with a man named Robert “Motorboat” Paul, who she said used Cisco to go pick up money and other tasks in the beginning, at the age of 13.

Douglas and Jackson then talked about their book ‘God Bless The Child Part 1: The Beginning,’ briefly discussing how Cisco and his friend Chucky would “pinch pennies” and how Cisco revealed a wad of money after luring Chucky to another location by stealing his pennies. Cisco would reveal that he got put on the drug game by an older dealer.