According to reports, boxing icon Mike Tyson is being sued for an alleged rape at an Albany, NY nightclub dating back to the early 1990s. 

An affidavit filed by an anoynmous victim alleges the former boxing champion raped her outside of the nightclub Septembers. “I met Mike Tyson in the early 1990s at a dance club called Septembers,” the affidavit read. “My friend and I were hanging out with him and his limousine driver. Tyson told us about a party and asked us to join him. My friend was going to drop off her car and Tyson said he would pick her up in the limousine.”

The alleged victim claimed that the two were en route to pick up her friend the night of the assault. As they were in Tyson's limousine he allegedly attempted to kiss her despite being repeatedly told "no." The alleged victim said Tyson continued to impose himself onto her. 

“He then pulled my pants off and violently raped me,” the affidavit reads. “As a result of Tyson’s rape, I suffered and continue to suffer from physical, psychological, and emotional injury.”

The alleged victim is seeking $5 million in damages. Her attorney also filed an affirmation to keep her identity concealed out of fear of public scrutiny.