In 2014, Fat Trel had the interest of many, including Master P, who claimed the artist was a part of the Louie V Mob. However, the situation dissolved super quickly, with Trel noting the ending was a blessing. Now, Fat Trel has spoken candidly about falling out with Master P. 

While on No Jumper, Trel noted how his manager called him with Master P on the phone, with P mentioning he wanted him to be in a possible ‘Menace II Society’ sequel. From there, P flew Trel and another rapper—Atlanta’s Alley Boy, to California to discuss the movie. 

However, Trel says P never brought the movie up after he moved there. Trel then noted he wasn’t receiving anything for the music he put out and only received money from P to live out there. 

Trel then noted that a few business dealings didn’t sit right with him, based on where he was in his career then, with Trel saying, “I wasn’t lit” at the time. From there, he said the death and funeral of a close friend of Joey Badass made him say he wasn’t returning to Los Angeles because of the slow movement. 

The rapper then said Master P’s comments on ‘The Breakfast Club’ about him chasing a deal and only wanting money was the final straw. Trel then noted how he and P were never supposed to be in a group together, as his initial reason for even engaging with the Louisiana mogul was the movie. He then clarified that he was never signed to No Limit Records, even though Master P told labels he was. 

The Romeo and Master P issues came up, with Trel saying it would take someone that close to expose the type of person P is. Watch above.